31st May 2010 | Posted in: Announcements, Blog Comments Off

It’s 2010 and time for a refreshed look for Video Services & Photography on the web. Our new website style exchanges long blocks of text on the front page with beautiful images and thumbnail links to our photography and video production samples. It also makes navigation more simple and straightforward.

One of our biggest improvements is the online proofing center for our photography clients. Introduced last year, professional photography has become a big part of what we do. The ability for our photography customers to view their images online for print selection and proofing has become a customer favorite. Now, customer proofs can be viewed online without ever leaving our website, making it easier to access and use.

Video Services & Photography is now on Twitter and Facebook. Like our company on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (@vdophoto) to stay in the loop on future promotions and announcements and to let us know how much you like our brand.

Thanks to all our customers and supporters and may the rest of 2010 be a great start to the next decade of quality digital media!