Video Production
Oby’s – Sandwiches
The Fitness Factor – Advocare
Oby’s – Salads
Kirk Brothers Greenwood – That’s No Bull
Elevate Life Church – Welcome
Columbus Main Street – General Christmas
Columbus Main Street – Downtown Christmas Spirit
The Shops at Brickerton – Experience Christmas
Downtown Columbus, MS – Great American Main Street
The Diane and Toby Wedding
Diane and Toby are really smitten with each other which is always neat to see.
The Kim and Russ Wedding
The wedding was beautiful and I got a whole morning to just take my camera to the beach.
The Kadee and Ryan Wedding
Kadee and Ryan were amazing to work with. Ryan is very quiet and shy while Kadee is very bubbly
High Braes Refuge / Long Form Project
The High Braes Refuge in Redfield, NY.